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Loved the falling sfx and tree sprites :P

I loved the graphics! 

A cool concept. A bit confusing at the start, and I wasn't sure where I was meant to be going until I accidentally wandered off the edge. Movement also felt a bit clunky but the graphics and sound fit well together. Well done!

given that i had a couple of days after work, yeah this can be better, feedback like this just makes want to improve it more ,  i will keep you updated if you want. :) 

Sure thing! If you are planning on updating it then I'll happily follow you to see progress.

By the way, if you do, I think movement should be done via keyboard input. The current system would probably work better for mobile.

it's using mouse at the moment because i was planning on porting it on mobile, but yeah keyboard would be better for now. 

cool gfx and fun falling though :)


Hey thank you for your comment, really means a lot.